Copy of Hodlr โ€“ clothes & fashion for Bitcoiners and crypto users.

A new time is rising. Chaos everywhere. Old truths are scrutinized.

Will you be the first of tomorrow or the last of yesterday?

An old centralized world planned and structured with a dominant government structure, a central bank, stable currency, a house without a mortgage, and a corporate job, finalized with a decent pension. If that world ever was actual, it is no longer so.

The crisis have in fact a long history.ย 

We know that the world will never be the same and that we never again can trust the government and big corporations to take care of us. A development we cherish because it sets us free, even if this freedom is realized amides uncertainties and chaos. Swift horses or fast shifts will
be how we move while we simultaneously hold our thoughts steady and calm, unmoved by the chaos and fixed on the essentials.ย 

Imagine a world where the economy no longer is at the mercy of inflation.ย ย 

Cryptocurrency, and in particular Bitcoin, is the tip of the iceberg. The most visual and perhaps the most critical change we see and experience. It is a liberating movement, a call for freedom.

It is still a whisper, but the promise is strong โ€“ you will regain control of your wealth by controlling your money.

Cryptocurrency is an equalizer, weakening old structures, and it creates a world for the brave and cunning.

This idea, this thought, this feeling is what we mean with fashion for financial freedomโ€”a way to express what we believe and live, a new era.

Clothes are something personal, something important. What you wear is not necessary an external statement but an internal. Something you do for yourself! That is the core of fashion for financial freedom.

Hodlrยฎ was born at the beginning of 2019, an idea by some long-term Bitcoin enthusiasts. Who wanted to create something authentic capturing this spirit and at the same time clothes that can be worn each day, clothes you can wear with confidence at the club, at the office, or at home. Comfortable, high quality, and great design.

First, we made a rather simple standardized collection with Hodlrยฎ brand, and we sold both backpacks and clothes such as t-shirts and hoodies in U.S., Europe, and several other countries in summer/autumn 2019. But we soon realized we wanted to do more, to produce a fashion collection from the bottom up, with sourced and quality assured materials, own unique designs, and expression. So we set out to realize the vision we had to do, that we were compelled to do.

Finding the right designer, the right designs, the right models, the right fabric, the right colors, finding a manufacturer that could meet our demands all that that was a journey and then the lockdowns and all happened delaying our progress. And now we at the beginning of 2021our dream was made real after considerable investment in the logistic infrastructure to reach you as a consumer fast.

We ship worldwide to countries such as the USA, Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, Spain, Russia, China, Japan, Brazil, U.K., and Turkey. And as we continue our journey, we will have faster and secure deliveries in more countries. At the same time, we are dedicated to develop more iconic designs and broaden our collection.

We just want to make great clothes and apparel to wear our self expressing a vision of financial freedom. As we did with this hoodie.ย 

We will continue to make Bitcoin and cryptocurrency t-shirts, hoodies, shirts, boxers, pants, socks, shoes, jackets, polos, but only if we believe in the designs. This is our contribution to the movement for financial freedom that Bitcoin is spearheading.