What to buy as a present for your Bitcoin crazy boyfriend?

What to buy as a present for your Bitcoin crazy boyfriend? - Hodlr

Are your boyfriend, husband, brother, friend, man crazy about bitcoin and Cryptocurrency?

Do you need to buy a present but feel clueless about what to give to someone crazy and nerdy about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency?

We have the answer! Read to the end!

It is not easy to find a gift these days. In a world of consumerism, what goods have any form of meaning attached to themselves anymore? To answer that, you must understand the driving force behind it. Sure, there are hardcore fundamentals, a rational analysis, about the logic behind. But that is not necessarily what we long for.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency represent a new form of freedom. It is a liberating movement. Crushing old structures, holding promises of a better tomorrow. But at its core, we find a drive and longing for the right to control oneโ€™s own life. It is a statement, a feeling, an expression of a wish, and a firmly held belief at the same time.ย 

How do we know? Because we are one of those Bitcoin fanatics, and we created something for ourselves โ€“ something incorporating our values and beliefs. That is why we started a fashion for financial freedom movement with Hodlrยฎ original.ย 

How about a slick crisp blue shirt. It has miniature bitcoin symbols all over itself.

Or a t-shirt with the very first Bitcoin ever mined. This is a nice looking white t-shirt with a classy grey as an inside neck fabric. The t-shirt looks desecrate but bold at the same time. https://hodlroriginal.com/products/genesis-white-tshirt


Or why not real mining boxers? Thatโ€™s right, we have printed a chart diagram of an actual Bitcoin miner motherboard on a pair of boxer shorts.

One of our favorites is a cross-necked hoodie in cool graphite. The fabric is printed with a binary code with a message for the initiated. Techy all the way.


One of these cannot go wrong. Just the knowledge that you actually took your time to learn will impress. And when you bring a real Hodlrยฎโ€ฆ well, the rest is just success waiting to happen.ย 

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