What shirt to wear as a cryptocurrency hodler

What shirt to wear as a cryptocurrency hodler - Hodlr

Ever wonder what shirt to wear as someone who HODL cryptocurrency and Bitcoin? A shirt is like something in its league. It stands apart, and not everyone dares to wear one. Maybe that is because it is hard to find a nice one and even harder to find a shirt you can wear and hold the banner of peer-to-peer and decentralization high. 

Sure, their great shirts out there. Personally, if I need a dress-shirt, I go for an Eton shirt. It's just a great looking shirt. You can never go wrong with that. Fabric is fabulous and hardly wrinkles. But they are not so great for casual wear, and they can feel a little too much "I conform to the corporate agenda" type of way, to put it mildly. 

Instead, let me present two fabulous designs. I had the honor to be part of testing the prototypes during the development of these products. Imaging a casual shirt, something you can wear as it is and at the same time looks great under a jacket. A shirt that feels just right, not dressy-dressy but slick and casual but still dressy enough to enter a corporate office. 




The perfect mix of tech and sass, crisp blue color with miniature bitcoins as a dark blue pattern. We dedicated it to Saifedean Ammous, who wrote the Bitcoin Standard. Because this shirt is setting a new standard, it can hardly go wrong in the club, office, or slacking at home. 100% pure cotton.




A white shirt with a grey pattern. The pattern is actually a binary code with a call to the world. Wear this super comfortable cotton binary shirt and put it on, and walk into a meeting. 100% real cotton. 

Two examples of a fashion, something to wear that looks great on you but still conveys your firm held beliefs that the world will have to readjust! Something for the committed cryptocurrency or Bitcoin person.

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