How to choose the right T-shirt?

How to choose the right T-shirt? - Hodlr

I could never make up my mind if t-shirts or tees are just great or only sloppy. But somehow, I love them! Don’t judge me. I’m sure you understand. If you read this, I guess you love them too!

But there are so many options! Like the crew-neck, the V-neck, the Henley y-neck, even mandarin neck, short and long sleeve, men and women, slim and regular fit, and the list goes on and on. 

I have had a couple of great T-shirts over the years, and for me, it bottles down to four parts if it will be a favorite piece to wear or not. 

Does it look good? The style!

Well, I want to make an impression. Even if I dress simple, I want something that looks good. Never compromise with that. As we know, individual taste is diverse, but at a glance, the t-shirt should give a wow factor. It should be an overall quality that this is an authentic style made for you.   

Does it fit well with you? The design!

Regardless of a great style, it must fit on you. It must have been designed for you or someone like in your mind. The market is flooded with crappy generic t-shirts, choose wisely and choose something that fits you. Regardless of the style, it won’t look good if it doesn’t fit.

Does It feel good? The fabric!

I hate synthetic fabric in a t-shirt (if it is not specifically made to work out in it and have a sweat). It is not that I have some kind of fundamentalist environmentalist or naturalist beliefs. It is just the case that it doesn’t feel and smell right to me. For the long run, +95% cotton is a prerequisite to for a men’s t-shirt. If not, I know it will not be a long-term love-affair just because I will not like the feel on my skin and the smell of the T-shirt.

Can I stand behind the brand? The message!

Clothes are part of how we communicate with the outside. It is a possibility to say something about our self or about something we feel strongly about. Many times people do not get it, and that’s fine too. Because you need to speak to yourself, show yourself that you are true to your own beliefs! The world does sometimes what it does. In the end, you only have control of your feelings and thoughts. Make it a habit to stand up for what is right. Not in a pushy way but laid back and natural. Just by being you.

Is it well made? The craftsmanship!

There is better and worse stuff. That’s also true for t-shirts. They can be made a masse without care, or they can be crafted with care. Often it is the details that give it away. What kind of seems have been made, are they secured, have they added inside neck fabric for extra durability, and so on. The craftmanship should be evident.

My current favorite tee is the #Hodlr original Ellipse Dark blue T-shirt

It has a dark blue color you can drown in, doubled sleeved finish, and an ellipse curve on the left chest. The ellipse curve is, as you know, the graphical representation of the crypto algorithm in Bitcoin.

Or the #Hodlr Decentralized Melange T-shirt

That’s also a doubled-sleeved finish, and the fabric is in a lovely light-grey mélange with a cool Bitcoin print on it in a vinyl feel. “Ready for everything”; yes, we are.

My third shirt that fits all the above criteria is the Hodlr Genesis Black t-shirt

This is a more minimalist kind of t-shirt or tee, but extremely powerful in its simplicity. Here you see the very first Bitcoin. Perhaps something only the more hardcore cryptocurrency fans will get, but who cares? This is a representation of a new era. It is both a promise and a threat that the world will have to readjust.

Choose your next t-shirt wisely!

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