Fashion for financial freedom – a call for the future

Fashion for financial freedom – a call for the future - Hodlr
A new time is rising. Chaos everywhere. Old truths are scrutinized.

An old centralized world planned and structured with an apparent government structure, a central bank, stable currency, a house without a mortgage, and a corporate job, finalized with a decent pension. If that world ever was actual, it is now apparent it is not any longer so.

Cryptocurrency, and in particular Bitcoin, is the tip of the iceberg. The most visual and perhaps the most important.

Imagine a currency to trade and exchange goods with and, at the same time, a great store of value. This crypto money is not in reach by the Big Government nor Big Corporations. Instead, it is autonomous in the real sense of the word. A currency that is not possible to tamper with and that will stand its value against time.

It is almost imaginably and at the same time completely liberating! You will regain control of your wealth by controlling your money. The promises of this technology are in their infancy; we are jet to see its full effect on our world.

It is an equalizer, weakening old structures, but it is a world for the brave and cunning. Inequalities, chaos, uncertainty, technology development, shifting social norms, deepening dived over the political spectrum will reign, and we need to move on swift ships and fast horses.

We know that the world will never be the same and that we never again can trust the government and big corporations to take care of us. We need the wind and the open sea, metaphorical speaking.

This idea, this thought, this feeling is what we mean with fashion for financial freedom—a way to express what we believe. Clothes are something personal, something important. What you wear is not necessary an external statement but an internal. Something you do for yourself! That is the core of fashion for financial freedom.

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