Cryptocurrency Boom: Sustaining the Bitcoin Fashion

Cryptocurrency Boom: Sustaining the Bitcoin Fashion

There is no doubt that Bitcoin, the first and the most famous cryptocurrency, progressed really slow from the day it came into being in 2008-2009. Bitcoin’s wide adaption and decentralized structure are the fundamentals that drive the value. However, the recent adoptions made by a few hi-fi entrepreneurs like Elon Musk is triggering a wider interest. Moreover, many believe that the heightened interest in NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and different blockchain adaptions such as smart contracts, the Ethereum eco-system, the decentralized web, rise in online gaming and shopping have also played a part in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general resurgence.  

Whatever the reasons are, bitcoin is probably unstoppable. Just a year ago, this once-evolving-at-a-sluggish-rate currency's market value was $178 billion. But believe us, tables are turning way too quickly and just a month ago the Bitcoin market value passed $1 Trillion for the very first time.

Millions of people are making use of bitcoin and blockchain all over the world. Why? What's the sweet spot? Well, it's secure, safe and it gives consumers, and of course businesses, lots of extra protection. Also to mention, it cannot be devalued by politicians and banksters printing more money.

Bitcoin Apparel? You Heard That Right!

Is the cryptocurrency boom going to boost fashion? Well, it has certainly started to show its miracles. One of the major ways through which the modern fashion business is taking the bull by its horns is through blockchain. For instance, to secure and control the supply chain.

While the clothing world is sometimes notoriously volatile, all businesses require a serious security net and this is where bitcoin comes into play as that safety net. 

Enough discussing businesses, let's get on the split-hand side: Bitcoin lovers, we are calling you out. Your search for a lifestyle that gives financial freedom is now over. It is bitcoin that will make you the autonomous holder of your wealth.

So what are you waiting for? If you have decided to shift to bitcoin mode, it's time to buy some Crypto items of clothing. You may wanna look like a crypto guy as well, don’t you? Why not show where you belong to? Don't you think apparel that truly reflects your motives and autonomy is what you should be wearing? 

HODLR is here to express your call for fashion freedom. Look no further for clothes, apparel, and wear for Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin lovers. 

We present you with our finest long-sleeved slick crisp blue shirt! The crisp blue color with a dark blue pattern of miniature bitcoins manifests a perfect mix of sass and tech. Also to mention the very fine yellow-toned detailing that gives the shirt a lot more definition. Throw it in your upcoming Bitcoin events, meetings, or poker nights. 

The premium and subtle sensation that this shirt offers, will make it your favorite outfit of all times. We have dedicated this 100% pure cotton shirt to none other than the author of the Bitcoin standards, Saifedean Ammous. 

Or what about a dark blue color Ellipse T-shirt which has a double-sleeved finish and is known for the unique ellipse curve on its left chest? As many of you might already be aware, the curve is a graphical manifestation of the bitcoin crypto algorithm. How cool is that?

Or why not the motherboard boxers? We know it's personal but boxer shorts do mean a lot. Think of yourself! Such personal wear can be a great reminder of who we are, where we stand, and who we need to become; the Bitcoin guys of course! 

Motherboard miners are epic boxer shorts that will provide you a sassy look, great feel, significance, and meaning. To give you a timeless techy look, it carries a printed version of the actual mining motherboard belonging to the early days of bitcoin. 

The awesome and divine combination of comfortable and soft fabric, made of Cotton and Elastane, with the techy miner design teams up with the bold dark grey color to give you a unique premium feel. 

To make you feel sharp and fit, these techy-looking boxer shorts come in slim-fit sizes. We suggest you go with one size bigger than your actual size if you want a regular-fit boxer. 

Well, putting everything aside, one of our most favorite items is the cool-looking, graphite color, cross-neck hoodie. Printed on the graphite-toned fabric are binary codes perfectly portraying everything we stand for. 

This graphite hoodie gives you unmatched comfort, trendy style, and incredible sharpness, thanks to the neat black lining on its collars, to make it an impeccable polo. 

It is made up of 100% cotton material and is available in all sizes XL, L, M, S, XS. This hoodie has Pique, breast pocket, Vinyl Print, and Shirt Sleeves. 

These are just a few examples that a committed bitcoin or cryptocurrency person would like. Surf around HODLR to come across more.

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