Boxer shorts for the cryptocurrency fantast

Boxer shorts for the cryptocurrency fantast - Hodlr

What to buy when you have everything? Well, how about boxer shorts. Clothes don't get much more personal than that, what you wear closest to your precious private parts. Can boxer shorts have meaning and make a statement? Yes, for yourself! It can be a reminder of who we are or who we need to become.

Great feel, nice looking, meaning, and significance. What not to like. I thought to myself when I tried it on. How can I have survived without these? Seriously they are one of a kind, and it just feels so right to wear them. It makes me remember what we are doing that we got this. In the darkest hour, things feel lonely sometimes, but I know that the future belongs to us. A revolution is happening, and the world will have to adjust.Β Β 

Men's underwear is something like an enigma. It is the most personal because no one sees them jet you wear them every day and to all kind of different menswear outfits. There are indeed dedicated underwear for sports activities where you want to wear something reserved for that but daily casual, work, the club, a party you should use the ones you love for comfort and how they make you feel.Β 


Just be the king :-) Bitcoin symbols all over your underwear. Why be subtle? Just let it rain Bitcoins.




These are epic boxer shorts. It is a blueprint of a real Bitcoin miner motherboard from the early days.

For a real deep-dive into the world of men's underwear, check outΒ this article. You can read about men's underwear's origin up to today's sports variants and absolutely top of the line luxury variants.Β Β 

We have done our utmost to create a comfortable product that you will love from the start.


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