Bitcoin - The Upcoming Future

Bitcoin - The Upcoming Future

A decade ago, Bitcoin was taken as a joke, and people thought it was never going to work but look at it today! Now whenever someone mentions cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is the first thing that pops up in one's head. Of course, it is because of the imminent success and popularity that Bitcoin has managed to achieve. From the worth of a fraction of a dollar to thousands of dollars now, Bitcoin has left everybody in awe of it.

A Decentralized World

Over time, people are becoming aware of their rights, and individual freedom is retaking hold of the world. Bitcoin, which was started as a movement back in 2008 because of the dubious lending practices of the banks, fractional reserve banking, a system that in fact creates money from thin air. Now Bitcoin is making advancements in the major financial systems of the world. Because of the safe, anonymous, and decentralized features of this cryptocurrency, it is likely to grow exponentially.

Positive Predictions

The escalation in the value of Bitcoin has hit people by surprise. So much so, that the internet is flowing with many optimistic predictions regarding Bitcoin. Because of the code of this supreme cryptocurrency, it is capped at 21 million Bitcoins and already almost 19 millions are mined. The law of supply and demand will take effect.

Moreover, Snapchat's first investor, Jeremy Liew, has predicted that by the end of 2030, the value of Bitcoin will reach $500,000. All these forecasts point at the bright and radiant future of Bitcoin.

Investment of Tesla

Tesla, the renowned American electric vehicle company, is one of the biggest business names in the whole world. What happened when Tesla and Bitcoin join hands? Imagine a scene where it's raining money from the sky. That is exactly what happened when Tesla purchased $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin. You can imagine the value of Bitcoin by the fact that Tesla, the leading car company, did not earn its record profit from cars. Instead, it earned a sky-rocketing profit by the investment in Bitcoin the company made. Just think about it! A profit of more than 100 million dollars by selling just a few Bitcoins. Isn't it amazing?

Well enough with all the financial stuff. At the core Bitcoin is part of a movement to take back control of our lives. From the big tech, big gov, big banks and you name it. You should be in charge over your own life and that starts with controlling your own wealth. It is a mindset, a philosophy if you like.

Wear it Like You Own it

Since the future is Bitcoin, we at HODLR have got the perfect Bitcoin apparel for you. From classy to bold, from cheeky to cool ones, we have got every Bitcoin fashion statement that you desire to make.


Are you looking for a t-shirt that makes you look cool and gives voice your opinion at the same time? Do you want to try on something that promotes the very idea of decentralization of currency? Then our DECENTRALIZED MELANGE T-SHIRT is the answer!

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Available in a variety of sizes, from extra small to extra large and made of 100% cotton, this shirt will embrace you like a true friend.


LIBERTY and BITCOIN are synonymous with each other. Our white liberty polo shirt is a perfect vibe check for your Bitcoin mood. A plain white shade with detailing of black and yellow stripes at the modern mandarin neck and the sleeves, this shirt is indeed a head-turner.

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Well, well, well! Everything you’ve been meaning to tell is here on this hoodie. You face the world, and they will know you plan to be at LIBERTY of doing whatever you want to. You turn around, and they will know what kind of liberty you plan to bring to this world.

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P.S. We do not give any financial, tax, investment, buy/sell or any other advice and/or recommendations – read and act on your own risk. Consult a competent advisor before you make decisions. Remember – we are a fashion company, dude!


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