Bitcoin reaches +$50K! What to expect and what to do.

Celebrating Bitcoin +$50K in Hodlr hoodie, cloths & apparel

Well, the short answer is to celebrate! What better way to do that than in our Big Badge Hoodie.

History is unfolding before our eyes. Make no mistake, Bitcoin will have a rough ride, but it will be a wild ride to the stars. Perhaps a perfect storm is gathering where we have political and economic uncertainties.

The US dollar will be at the center stage in the coming year. Due to pressure from the pandemic and the current political situation, it is unlikely to be considered a safe haven, even by MBA graduates. The printing of new money is astonishing. But take this together with β€œcancel culture” and banks and other institutions big corps denying service to specific segments of society. The pressure for an alternative is building up.Β Β 

That is what you see today. I believe Bitcoin has the fundamentals in the code, and now we are moving into a stage in history where the demand for Bitcoin or something like it will explode out in the mainstream.

The word will have to adjust! We are repeating this phrase. That is what is happening. A new era is upon us. Old truths will no longer hold.

The HODLR team





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