12 Gifts for the Bitcoin Lover in Your Life

12 Gifts for the Bitcoin Lover in Your Life

Have you got anyone close to your heart who is a crazy Bitcoin lover? Is there a special occasion coming up, and you want to light up his world with the best gift?

Well, well, well! Don't worry because we have got everything under control here. Do you know what makes our little venture so amazing? It's our Bitcoin apparel that your boyfriend just cannot resist.

HODLR T-Shirts

We have got some really cool products that you can give your loved one on any special day.

Genesis Black T-Shirt

When we think of the best gift you can give to your Bitcoin enthusiast, the first suggestion that comes to mind is our Genesis Black T-shirt. Precisely because Genesis Block was the first Bitcoin that was ever mined, this shirt is the intermingling of Bitcoin history and modern-day coolness. Plus, the black shade makes it even more classy.

Available in all sizes, this short-sleeved t-shirt is a perfect gift for your friend, brother, boyfriend, or anyone you hold dear. Moreover, the combination of grey text and black background speaks for itself.

Although the shade is black, you will still be able to keep the heat away in summers as the shirt is made of 100% cotton.

Spotchart LightBlue T-Shirt

After receiving our Spotchart light blue t-shirt as a gift, your man's love will rise just like Bitcoin rose from the ashes. Heads will turn, people will stare, such is the radiance of this blue-shaded short sleeve shirt.

Not only is the color appealing to the eyes, but the 100% cotton material is comfortable on the body in summers. Plus, the checkered inner neck fabric adds volumes to its classiness.

Available in all sizes, this shirt is an impeccable gift choice for the Bitcoin lover in your life.

Decentralized Melange T-Shirt

Yes! That is the word! DECENTRALIZED. This t-shirt is the answer to all your problems. If your guy is a die-hard supporter of Bitcoin and the idea behind its development, you need to buy this for him.

This shirt voices every Bitcoin lover's opinion and looks flawless when you wear it. The 100% cotton fabric keeps the person calm and brisk throughout the summer.

With an imprint of the Bitcoin logo and the revolutionizing statement in black over a grey shade, our Decentralized Melange t-shirt is ready to take the fashion world with a storm!


You do not want to go with the casual ones and want something in between formal and informal? Polo shirts fall under this category. Here are some of the best ones from our stock!

Big H Graphite Polo

Do you want your lover to fall in love with you all over again? We have got just the right idea for you. Our Big H Graphite Polo is what you need to buy him!

This shirt gives off a fresh vibe with its 100% cotton touch and vinyl print. There's also a breast pocket where he can keep your heart, much closer to his own heart!

The graphite texture is faultless and short sleeves add a bonus to its overall appearance. Believe it or not but this T-shirt is all that is missing from your relationship at the moment, and you need to have it as soon as possible.

Black Liberty Polo

Best choice for all the Bitcoin devotees out there! Our Black liberty polo shirt is a must for all those golf sessions or first dates. It has its own aura that attracts people's attention.

With a mandarin neck and 100% cotton, this pro-liberty clothing will make people fall for you in a blink of an eye. The sleeves and neck edges are patterned with blue and white strips, making it look even more attractive.

LIBERTY AND HODLR go side by side, and this polo shirt is the proof!

Ellipse DarkGrey Polo

Want your Bitcoin lover to set up a fashion standard? Then this Ellipse dark grey polo shirt is the ideal fit. The sharp dual-toned collar and the yellow and grey pattern will make people go round in circles only to take a look at your guy again and again.

To add a bit more sass, there is even a zipper that you can style according to your preferences. Made of 100% cotton material, our short-sleeved polo is waiting for you to add it to the cart now!

Here's an idea! You can buy a pair. One for you and one for your best friend. What a great way to show your love.

HODLR Shirts

If you want to go for something that looks a bit formal and trendy, then here are some suggestions!

Binary Classy White Shirt

So does your husband has an important meeting coming up this week? Does your brother have a final interview at his university? Or is your boyfriend coming to meet your parents for the very first time? Whatever it is, our Binary classy white t-shirt makes an ideal gift for all sorts of occasions.

The imprint of a binary pattern in black on a white shirt will leave everyone in awe of the person wearing it. Also, the cotton fabric keeps the person high-spirited even in stressful situations.

Plus, to give a whole Bitcoin lover vibe, the yellow threading is used to attach the buttons. Whoever the person is, he is surely going to love this.

Bitcoin Classy Blue Shirt

The fitting blue fabric, dark and shiny blue buttons, yellow details, and black Bitcoin miniature imprints throughout the shirt, when combined, turns regular-looking apparel into a work of art.

Made up of 100% cotton, this masterpiece speaks volumes! Any Bitcoin lover will fall for it at a very first glance.

You do not want to miss it. It's going to bring you good luck because after seeing it, your special one is going to stay by your side forever.

HODLR Hoodies

That is all for the formal looks. Guys love wearing hoodies. No matter what, they just can't say No to them. Check these out!

BIG Badge Black Hoodie

This hoodie says it all! The BIG printed Bitcoin badge at the back and the black and yellow details say out loud whatever you are holding back in a crowd full of anti-Bitcoin people.

Made up of 95% cotton and 5% Elastane, our Big Badge black hoodie is suitable for all weathers, especially winters. The front zipper is very smooth and keeps you covered.

Also, the soft fleece touch inside makes you feel as if someone is giving you a warm hug. This is something you do not want to let go of. It is a perfect gift for all the boys in the world, especially the Bitcoin fans.

Binary Crossed-Neck Graphite Hoodie

In a world full of hoodies, this one is surely a mouth-watering appetizer. Once you own it, you will want to have more of it. The binary pattern on a graphite backdrop and the engravement of "DIGITALLY TOGETHER" on the crossed neck is what you have been missing out on for so long.

Ideal for keeping you warm in winters with some extra fabric on the shoulders, our Binary crossed-neck hoodie will protect you and your love for Bitcoin at all costs.

This long-sleeved, French terry apparel is a faultless present for all Bitcoin lovers all over the world.

HODLR Boxers

Who says you can't give boxers to your friends? If they are as cool as the ones we mentioned below, they surely deserve to be on the top of your gift list!

Motherboard Boxers

These boxers with the miner motherboard pattern are what your Bitcoin lover needs to live a comfortable and peaceful life. Made up of 95% cotton and 5% Elastane, it provides the desired smoothness.

The dark grey shade is appealing, and the texture of the boxers is quite sassy. When alone in the house, you can relax in them on your couch with popcorn in your hands and Bitcoin news on the screen.

Your friends are gonna love it because we know you love it too. That's the charm of these boxers. Once you see them, you can't stop thinking about them.

Bitcoin King Boxers

Want to make your friend realize his passion for Bitcoin even when nobody's around? Our Bitcoin king boxers are the only way you can do it. Just the name is enough to make one feel like he is ready to take over the world!

With an imprint of HODLR on the elastic strap and Bitcoin symbols as the overall pattern, these black boxers are in themselves a full fashion statement!

Moreover, the fabric is super comfy, and 95% cotton and 5% elastane will make your friend's life a bit more relaxing.

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